Stronger Together

Together we are Muleriders.
Together we are strong.


What is Giving DAy?


Every year, SAU alumni and friends set aside a special day to celebrate the University and its faculty, staff, and students by financially supporting their future. This is still true this year, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SAU needs your love and loyalty now more than ever.  

We understand that many of our Mulerider family are experiencing financial struggles. No size gift is too small!  Instead, it is your participation that makes us stronger during these uncertain times. You can hear a message from SAU President Dr. Trey Berry below.

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Featured funds

Mulerider Strong fund

The Mulerider Strong Fund will provide pass-through operational funds to support the needs of the University. This support will soften the impacts of COVID-19.


These pass-through scholarship funds that can be directed as traditional, summer school, transfer, graduate, room and board, or book/technology scholarships. Supporting a student in this way has an immediate and profound impact on their college experience.

Student Success fund

Supporting the Student Success Fund will provide pass-through funds to on-campus offices that provide much-needed services to our students, such as the Mulerider MarketHealth Services, Counseling Services, Career Services, and more.

Academic Support Fund

The Academic Success Fund will provide pass-through funds to ensure that our faculty have the resources they need (technology/equipment) to deliver instruction either in-person or online. Enabling our educators to adjust to the “new normal” will have a large impact on our students.

Mulerider Athletics

Supporting Mulerider Athletics will provide pass-through funds to ensure that our coaches and student-athletes have the necessary resources to come back strong during our next season. You can renew your Mulerider Club membership with a gift to Athletics on Giving Day.

Want to support another area?

 You can designate your gift to any area of the University on our online gift form. For questions, please call 870-235-4287.

Stronger Together Matches

Generous donors are matching gifts to make your generosity go even further on this special day! The match will automatically be applied to your gift upon submission.

Have a question? Give us a call at 870-235-4287.

Mulerider Strong Match
1:1 For gifts to the Mulerider Strong fund
Amount Used
Featured Fund Match
1:1 For gifts to any Featured fund except Mulerider Strong Fund
Maximum $200 match
Amount Used
Alumni Membership Match
$50 for $50 SAU Alumni whose first gift is $50+ will be matched $50.
Amount Used
Rankin College of Business
Hall of Fame Match
1:1 For gifts toward the new RCOB Hall of Fame Wall Project
Amount Used