SAU Giving Day

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Before the Big Day

(August 17 to September 15)


Get ready, Muleriders! Generous donors will be matching donations on September 16. You can make SAU #BetterTogether this year on Giving Day! #SAUGivingDay 

I just gave my social media accounts a Mule Pack makeover! Help me spread the word about #SAUGivingDay 

Muleriders, mark your calendars for #SAUGivingDay on September 16! We are #BetterTogether !

Facebook Profile Frames

Visit and search for “Southern Arkansas University” to unlock this special frame then pair it with one of the captions below. 

The frame will be active from September 1 to September 17

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Day-of Giving Day (September 16)

Morning Post

Let’s break some records! Join me in showing your Love and Loyalty today! #BetterTogether #SAUGivingDay

Once a Mulerider, always a Mulerider! Let’s see what we can accomplish in 24 hours on #SAUGivingDay! #BetterTogether

Evening Post

Today is #SAUGivingDay! Show your support today by making a gift of any size to an area that matters the most to you at #BetterTogether

We’re proud to participate in #SAUGivingDay because we believe in SAU students! Muleriders are #BetterTogether, you can make your gift today by going to: