Harnessing the power of social media makes us Better Together! You can help by sharing any or all of the graphics found in the Mule Pack folder, paired with the suggested captions, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere your friends are! 

What is the Mule Pack?

The Mule Pack is a group of social media ambassadors that help SAU spread the word about Giving Day! 

Our goal is to raise awareness and generate activity around the many projects and programs at SAU by highlighting specific giving opportunities on Giving Day. We hope that with the help of the Mule Pack we can increase engagement for SAU social media accounts both on and around Giving Day. 

SAU Giving Day

Let's get social and WIN PRIZES!

Mule Pack members will receive a special social media kit full of fun Giving Day material to share on social platforms.

Upon sign up, Mule Pack members will be entered in a drawing for awesome prizes! You can even receive extra entries into the drawing by inviting a friend.